A skirt is a wonderful clothing item that best embodies femininity. There are a lot of skirt-types available out there to cater to different types of women and women’s moods. Era Fashion has a lot of these different women’s skirts for you to choose from!

For the times when you want to have the comfort of wearing pants yet you also want to wear a skirt, you should to wear a maxi skirt (link). You can move as much as you want without risking a wardrobe malfunction. When you’re feeling a bit girly girl, a miniskirt is a fun choice. If you’re looking for a skirt to wear at the office, then a pencil skirt is your best bet. If you want a vintage loo, a box pleated is perfect for you.

If you have any design and color that you like, but did not see on our collection of women’s skirts, feel free to request a custom-made one from us. The best dressmakers and the finest materials that we have can assure you the quality of skirts, both on-shelf and customized.

We have a variety of materials available. If you’re looking for comfort, cotton should be your choice. If elegance is your priority, then it should be silk. If you want warmth, then wool skirt it should be. Whichever you choose, Era Fashion’s skirts will surely make you stand out from the crowd.

Why don’t you explore our site, and if you want a customized skirt please reach us. Our team is at your disposal ready to create the design you have in mind. Explore you femininity and explore the inner designer in you!