If it’s a cold weather, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your favourite outfit that shows quite of bit of skin. Just make sure to bring cover if you don’t want to freeze out there like this unfortunate woman. So to keep you from freezing while wearing your cocktail dress or short skirt, Era Fashion offers you the best solution women’ overcoats.

At Eras Fashion, we create beautiful overcoats that might have you regretting on warm days where you can’t wear them. We have an assortment of women’s overcoats that you can choose from to best match your outfit. If you’re wearing formal attire, then you should pair it with a trench coat or a long coat. Having a casual day out? Then a denim coat will suffice. If it’s freezing cold outside, make sure to bring a parka coat (link). If you’re seeing rain outside your window, a hooded coat it is.

If you want a certain design, detail or color, then tell us about it so we can create the perfect overcoat for you! Warmth is a basic human need, and if you like your warmth to be fashioned in a particular way, we are more than willing to do your bidding.

Like our on-shelf items, our customized overcoats maintain the same high-quality with our expert tailors and top-grade materials. At Eras Fashion, we embrace femininity. You should wear whatever you want, but make sure to bring one of our overcoats when it’s too cold outside.