What Women Should Wear on a Date

February is the month of love. Restaurants will be filled with reservations looking to spend some quality time with each other. If you’re one of the lucky females who is going out for a date this month, you should choose carefully what to wear to remind your date how lucky they are to have you in their life.

Whether it’s a first date or one of the countless dates you’ve had with each other, it is important to look your best this month of love. Rose quartz is the color of the year, and it is a shade of red which is the color of love, you are bound to really bloom in this shade. Like the flower that you are, a dress will be your best option to showcase your soft feminine petals.

But, if you’re not comfortable wearing a dress, then no one should stop you from wearing pants, shorts or jumpsuits—wear anything that you’re comfortable with. However, you should also consider where your date is taking you, so as not to end up being too dressed up or down for the place.

No matter what you wear, you will be at your most beautiful if you are comfortable with your clothes, and your date. And, if your date really likes you for who you are, he will notice the clothes you are wearing, but as always you will look beautiful to him.

It is the month of love, all the more reason to dress not only for your date but for yourself as well. Check out Era’s Fashion to find the latest trends, or have a personal customization for yourself! Happy Valentine’s!