Thai Women Fashion

Thai Women Fashion 2016

Fashion in Thailand is very distinct from all the other countries in the region. It embodies the rich culture in Thailand, and mixes it with modern geometric forms and designs. Much like the Thai women who wear them, they remain rooted to age-old traditions but embrace modernization as well.

This distinction is the reason why Thai labels are very big in the country. In fact, they are also grabbing global attention. Thai designers like Disaya have made clothes which were worn by celebrities like Amy Wine house and Jennifer Lopez. Another one is Koi Suwannagate whose designs were spotted on famous people including Gwyneth Paltrow and Oprah Winfrey.

Fashion experts say that the appeal in Thai clothing comes from the rich texture and print of the fabrics, the intricate draping, and they also remarked about the increasing trend about head wraps. Thai fashion puts great attention to detail to achieve perfection, and remains unique despite the common trends in the globalized world of today.

Women fashion in Thailand is very different from any other. Perhaps this is because the essence of being a Thai woman is translated into the women wear that Thai labels produce. Thai women are gentle, soft, elegant and beautiful, which are also the characteristics of the clothes that they are often seen wearing. This is what sets apart the women fashion in Thailand, because Thai women are entirely their own.

When you come to Thailand, you will find plenty of clothing boutiques with the most beautiful clothes at very reasonable prices. Anyone who shops in Thailand will surely love their finds as they are like no other in any corners of the world. One of the top labels in Thailand is our very own, Era’s fashion.

Era’s Fashion was founded in 1990 by Mr. Rainy who is a very skilled tailor in Thailand. This fashion label aims to provide only the best of the best for its customers. There are plenty of beautiful designs for women available in the Era’s fashion collection. But, the label knows that everyone has their own unique tastes when it comes to fashion so they also offer customization.

If you want a certain design, on this colour, and this particular size, Era’s fashion will make this specific fashion wear for you. Mr. Rainy employs professional tailors and uses the finest fabrics to provide your top, dress, skirt, pants, vest or coat perfectly suited to your personal preferences.

Thailand has made a name in the worldwide fashion industry, and Era’s fashion tries hard to maintain the integrity of the Thais. That is why this fashion label will provide only the best to its buyers both local and international.

If you want to model beautiful and sensational Thai clothing visit one of our shops today or order online through this site. Happy shopping and may your day be as beautiful as you are!