Measurements always make a difference because measurements are what important when a suit’s making in progress. Sometimes while shopping online, you must have come across a moment where you are confused, if you’ve given your measurement accurately because, if not, then ordering a suit with such wrong measurement is useless. Indeed, it is one of the common mistakes that every online shopper does. Thus,, majorly leading e-shopping international platform is imparting its customers with easy online made to measure suits for men. This online measurement filling techniques help the customers to make sure that they’ve described enough about the required clothing and now, they’ve been delivered with their perfect custom-made suits.

The purpose of online made to measure doesn’t end with acquiring the accurate measurement from customers but knowing if they’ve any extra comment or silver line regarding the Custom Made suits to demand.

In the very first squad of columns, users are required to fill general information including name and DOB of the customer, his height and weight, the country he is residing in and others. Next squad of columns demands information regarding the physical measurements (height, length, breath) of customers. This column is not optional to fill, it is compulsory. The major purpose is to get the tailoring job perfectly done and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. In the next huge one column, users or customers are required to fill if there is any extra demand of customer regarding the custom-made suit.

Submitting the made to measure suit filed by the customer, imparts him with a confirmation that the information sent has been saved.

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Stomach - Measure around stomach line

Chest - Measure around body well up under arm pits

Length - Measure from lower collar seam to length desired

Full Shoulder - Measure back at end of shoulders

Sleeves - Measure sleeves from shoulder seem to length desired

Neck - Measure around the Neck

Front - Measure from one armhole to other arm hole in front

Back - Measure from one armpit to other arm pit at Back

Waist - Measure around waist Line

Hips - Measure around hips at widest point of seat but not tight

Crotch - Measure from center front waist under legs to center back waist

Length - Measure from top of waist band to bottom of cuff

Thigh - Measure width around the thigh as shown

Cuff - Measure width around cuff as shown