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New Era’s Fashion is your one-stop online fashion retailer for trend-led men and women’s fashion at competitive prices! Our collection of gents and ladies fashion wears, coats, designers, wedding dresses, funky suits, dinner suits, business shirts, sports jackets and lots of other men’s casual fashion is updated with newness daily. In our store, you will always find a reason to shop because we are at the frontline in giving you fashion items you can’t find anywhere.

Our mission at New Era’s Fashion is to provide the latest fashion clothing for the 21st century men and women. Sample our single breasted suits, party clothes, men tuxedo and cashmere suits made by the most skilled and experienced hands of our best tailor in Patong.

Since inception in 1990, we have seen a massive growth in our client base thanks to the exceptional value, quality and unmatched customer service we give our customers. Whether you are buying casual shirts, pant suits for ladies, sports coats or tailor made suits; we give you undivided attention throughout your shopping process to ensure you get exactly what you are looking for; happy customers are our major assets.

Our diligent,creative, and fashion-oriented personnel travel the world in search of emerging designs and trends in items such as bridal dresses, wedding suits, cashmere wool suits, women shirts and blouses, men’s summer fashion, jackets and blazers, men waist coats, women pant suits and lots others so that you can find a style you can proudly call your own. If you want custom made fashion wears our professional fashion designers and Phuket tailors will get the right fit for you.

So welcome right in and seize the fashion moment! Because New Era’s Fashion has your style covered!

Worldwide delivery

We deliver anywhere in the world for free on all orders over $300! Expected time of arrival for ready-made items is 2 weeks, and 4 weeks for custom-made.

Free shipping

We offer free shipping on all items over $300 with no other additional or hidden fees! Expected time of arrival for ready-made items is 2 weeks, and 4 weeks for custom-made.

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What you have to pat at checkout will be the final amount you will have to pay for your purchased items inclusive of VAT! We ensure a safe and easy banking transaction with you through our site.

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