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Best Custom Tailor in Phuket, Thailand

Era’s Fashion Custom tailor is founded by Mr. Rainy on 1990 in Phuket (Thailand), a place where dressmaking is one of the masteries of the people. Era’s Fashion is one of the biggest custom tailor in Phuket Thailand, and aims to be the best custom tailor in the world for both men and women. We have a strong foothold in the industry of custom tailoring with more than two decades of experience. The custom tailoring which is manufactured by our in house tailors is highly appreciated by our clients all over the world. Aside from its shops in Phuket Thailand, Era’s fashion custom tailoring through Mr.Rainy (custom tailor) will also visit the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and Switzerland for custom tailoring requests.

We know our clients’ needs for custom tailoring, so we provide thousands of collection to our clients who want customized garments. We offer our prized customers the option for customization. Era’s fashion custom tailoring only employs the best-skilled tailors in Phuket Thailand, a tradition, which is essential to our firm’s high standards. In line with this, only the best-quality custom tailor materials can match our excellent workmanship. We have a wide range of the finest fabrics for your selection.

Our computerized custom tailoring designs works greatly in order for us to provide perfection to our valued customers. The custom tailoring design is then brought to life by our pool of highly-skilled craftsmen. Era’s computerized custom designing system enables us to give utmost attention to every minute detail of the design.

Every piece of custom made clothing will be double-checked by us, in order to ensure that it is flawless before reaching the client.

If you want to purchase here in Era’s fashion, please order now and explore our online shop to learn more about the different varieties available.