Men’s shirts have gradually over time assumed their rightful place in men’s wardrobes. Trends have been coming up reflecting advances in production techniques and at New Era’s Fashion; we are at the center of it all. We are the fashion powerhouse and as such we stock all types of custom men’s dress shirts from casuals, business shirts, tuxedos, designer and anything between. Tell us the occasion and we shall dress you as per your tastes and preferences.

The most striking feature of a shirt is the fit. We have ready-to-wear and made-to-measure options thereby giving you a wide range of choice no matter your unique preferences. Our fashion tailors understand pretty well that what one person considers a fit is not necessarily what the other party perceives. This is why we go out of our way to bring you men’s shirts that are made just for you whether you want a shirt for a formal wear, family gathering, outing with friends or just to make you stay on top of the league.

Top of the League Men’s Shirt Fits

If you want to stick to the traditional tailoring silhouette that gives you a comfortable feel complete with a boxier shape, our classic fit men’s shirts are the best for you. They give you comfort without sacrificing on fashion. The younger audience that is more self-conscious when it comes to fashion is well taken care of with our slim fits. These custom shirts give them a trendier look. Our professional tailors will also give you a taste of both worlds when it comes to men’s shirts. With their advice, we have stocked the modern or contemporary fits which are essentially a sit in between classic and slim fits.

Unique plackets for all shirt designs

Our men’s shirt plackets are available in a number of versions amongst them the traditional placket which is more or less considered the most conventional style for casual shirts. The ¾ placket is common on our relaxed shirts while the fly front placket is a common feature on our tuxedo shirts.

We employ a unique angle to men’s shirt designing and this has made us not just the fashion leader in the region but also the go-to fashion advisors for all types of clothing wears. Let us know your style and we shall give you a collection of custom men’s shirts that you will probably wear for all your occasions henceforth!