Since the rise of the office business suit in the early 20th century, business shirts have been the staple on any man’s wardrobe. At New Era’s Fashion, our business shirts communicate your personal style and where you are headed to. Our tailors are experts in designing business shirts for office wear, official meetings and after-hours business functions.

We do not limit the colors our business shirts come in because we appreciate the many tastes and preferences of our wearers out there. For typical office wears, we advise our customers to adorn lighter and more subdued colors while vibrant hues should be reserved for evening occasions.

Ever since we opened shop, we have continuously been pursuing business shirt trends that make the men we dress neater and more confident. Our tailors know the value of a properly styled and fitted business shirt in elevating the suit and tie worn with it. New Era’s Fashion is in the business of getting the right fit for your sense of style and body type so as to serve you well whether you are on your way to the office or out in town for an after-office meeting.

In our fashion shop, you will find full fit business shirts that are particularly comfortable and flattering for men who have a solid build or carry weight at the abdomen. You can have your shirt tailor-made to incorporate large armholes for the men with bulky arms.

If you have a slimmer body, you will certainly benefit from our slim fit business shirts that come complete with darts at the waist and pleating at the yoke.

New Eras Fashion is therefore the home of all the business shirts trends you can ever visualize. Our collection takes care of your body shape, comfort and style.

Give us a try today and see how we can transform your look!