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Fashion Week 2016

Fashion week is a fashion event usually lasting for a week where famous brands and designers showcase their latest designs in runway shows to consumers and the media. This year’s fashion week kicked off last week in New York, and is now happening in London as well. The first New York Fashion Week was held […]

What Women Should Wear on a Date

February is the month of love. Restaurants will be filled with reservations looking to spend some quality time with each other. If you’re one of the lucky females who is going out for a date this month, you should choose carefully what to wear to remind your date how lucky they are to have you […]

Thai Women Fashion 2016

Fashion in Thailand is very distinct from all the other countries in the region. It embodies the rich culture in Thailand, and mixes it with modern geometric forms and designs. Much like the Thai women who wear them, they remain rooted to age-old traditions but embrace modernization as well. This distinction is the reason why […]